Unpopular Opinions E.5

July 27, 2018

Round 5! Unpopular Opinions

Unrequited Love shouldn’t be called Love at all

Love works both ways. If you love someone and they don’t love you back it’s worship not love. Simple

I Prefer Warm Milk with my Cereal

Yup. I prefer warmed milk with my cereal. Let’s argue!

Relationship Labels Are Necessary

Yup! F**k this I don’t want a label shit. This I don’t want a label thing is almost always and excuse for people to be shitty. Stop acting like giving your relationship a label will kill it. We’re either dating (with the intentions of getting serious) or we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re going to have labels and act accordingly. 

Being Realistic Is Limiting Yourself

You must be wondering “WTF!” I always tell people reality is for basic people. Especially because 80% of the things I have achieved in my life at one point I was told “You’re not being realistic” And not being realistic doesn’t mean you’re crazy, It just means going after the things you want. When I was 17, in September I decided I wanted to move to NY in January and go to college. I was told “I wasn’t being “realistic”” Well I went in January.   


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