You Wouldn’t Believe the Excuses My Coworker Gave – Part 1

January 12, 2018

Have you ever tried to think of an excuse to not go into work but you just couldn’t find one? Well I had this coworker who is never without an excuse to give. No matter how insane or ridiculous it was, he’ll provide it as a reason or excuse, for why he couldn’t come in or was running late. These are real emails. Brandon was scheduled to come in after his classes (during Sept – early Dec) 4:00 PM from December onward he was scheduled to come in at 11:00 AM.

Check out these email excuses my coworker gave below: 

  1. First we have the My Boiler is Being Replaced Excuse
  2. The the classic I need to deal with Financial Aid and my mom’s food stamps
  3. We have the rescheduled midterm
  4. The Bloody Nose and ER Visit
  5. The Flu Shot and Blood Test

  6. Good Thing I Had My Knife

  7. The Leak In My Room 

  8. I Partied too Hard At a Concert Last Night

What excuses have you used to get out of work? And what excuses have you given?

Part Two of the Excuses My Coworker Gave next Tuesday.


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